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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to download blocked filetypes from your office PC

Suppose your employer is blocking some filetypes(like avi,mp3) or due to some security settings you are unable to download allowed filetype(eg. zip), there is a solution to download these files using MediaConvert.

Idea is to convert the file to some other similar filetype.
If the file is .avi then you can convert it to .mov or some other format which is NOT blocked in your office.

Get the full url link (Copy Link Location in firefox) of the blocked file.
Let this link be
Now go to MediaConvert.
Select "Conversion From Url" option.
Paste your link in the File box and select input type as .avi .
Now come down and select the output file (here video) type to an unblocked video type(eg .mov).Press OK and wait for the download link.

I used the same technique to download a zip file.
It was blocked by my employer because the url contains the word "application/zip"
which is not allowed.

NB: Please verify that content of the file is not against the rules of the company.


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